Package cz.nipax.hippo.pexeso

Class Summary
AboutDlg The About dialog.
AI The basic class for all other AI classes.
AI_enhanced Implementation of "classic" inteligence.
AI_forgetting Implementation of forgetting inteligence.
AI_human Makes possible for human to play.
AI_lhd Implementation of "classic" inteligence with LHD and not enhanced random.
AI_normal Implementation of "classic" inteligence.
AI_random Implementation of totally stupid AI.
AI_snc Inteligence without any handicap.
Main Class containing only function main.
MainDlg Holds main window and playground.
NewGameDlg Creates modal dialog to select players for new game.
PGTheme This class should hold description of visualisation.
Playground Implementation of class - holds inner things about pexeso game state.
PlaygroundComponent PlaygroundComponent creates playground and gets user input.