Welcome to JPexeso at sourceforge. Pexeso is a funny board game played in some countries (Czech Republic) by children in long winter evenings :-) Well now they are watching TV but before TV and internet it was played :-)

The game trains memmory and it is possible to play against AI (different types) or against other player on the same computer. Goal of the game is to identify pairs of same cards. In every turn player can pick two cards. The cards are revealed for a while. If they are same the player gets point and the pair is removed. The player with more pairs wins the game. A similar game is LPairs . The game has support for themes. Cars, houses, girls :-)

Version 0.8 does not come with any new program features. Instead it includes a themes with girls which contains nearly 6000 pictures :-) Enjoy :-)

Version 0.7 has better support for themes and has new theme with cars. Theme with girls was updated, so the size of large version is +5 MB :-) Also some resize bugs and not apearing images were solved (I hope). It is possible to keep couples visible instead of clearing them.

Version 0.6 has some support for themes and you may change size of playground. And most important is a new theme with eh o lala some nice girls with not much clothes - you will see screenshot on hippo pages :-)


You may find some technical info about JPexeso at sourceforge game project. Or oy may try to read documentaion created by javadoc.

The sources are under GPL. They may be obtained from Subversion repository on sourceforge. The graphic was taken from

Feedback is welcome - please mail bernard [ a in circle ]
If you want, you may visit and see some more games made by me.


The thing that you are all waiting for :-) You may notice new theme support.

screenshot screenshot


The game was created by Bernard Lidicky, nice graphic (those houses) was made by Jose Hevia. The girls are from .

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